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What is GEOstrip SystemsTM

GEOstrip SystemsTM Striplog is a single program that includes a Vertical Striplog, MudLog, Horizontal Striplog, Core Log and Drill Cuttings/Core Reports and Petrography Report. The striplog is fully customizable and can produce Composite Logs, Mudlogs, Daily AM Reports, Custom Reports and Final Well Reports.

GEOstrip SystemsTM is one single program that acts as a viewer program until a licensed security USB dongle is detected in the USB port of your computer.

In viewer mode the user can open GEOstrip Log files and view them, view Log File Data Tabs, print Logs, export Las Ver #2 and Las Ver #3 data, export geological description text, export geological comments text and engineering comments text.

When a licensed security USB dongle is detected in the computers USB port the user gets full use of all the programs capabilities. A license can be Purchased or Rented for the Vertical & Core Log component of GEOstrip SystemsTM, the Horizontal Log component or both.

GEOstrip SystemsTM comes with Software Investment Protection by controlling the activation of the security USB dongle thru an expiration time devise. This way if your security dongle goes missing GRS Inc. can replace the dongle for a small fee and the missing dongle will expire. You will never have to repurchase GEOstrip Licenses with GRS Inc. Also dongle keys can be enabled and disabled for any or all components of GEOstrip SystemsTM over the internet or phone world wide.

GRS Inc. is committed to continue developing GEOstrip SystemsTM to be the best Lithology Striplog in the market. We value all your support and feedback. Please contact us and let us know of any features or capabilities you would like to see implemented into GEOstrip SystemsTM.

Thank you.

Scott Gunn
Geological Rentals & Services Inc.

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Cost of GEOstrip SystemsTM

GEOstrip SystemsTM as a viewer

FREE: Just download program from website.

With GEOstrip SystemsTM you have the option to purchase and own a license of GEOstrip or Rent GEOstrip Daily with our GEOstrip Rental Service Agreement Option.

Purchase of GEOstrip SystemsTM License:

GEOstrip VC StriplogTM

$ 1500.00 + GST

GEOstrip Hz StriplogTM

$ 1500.00 + GST

No maintenance fees or licensing fees. Minor upgrades are always free.

Fees & Upgrades:

GRS will not charge for minor upgrades but will have a $250 fee per license for Major Version Upgrades. Major upgrades may be annually. If you chose not to upgrade to the new Major Version release you can still continue to use your existing Version.

GEOstrip SystemsTM Licenses are controlled thru a USB Security Dongle that needs to be inserted into your computers USB port to Fully Enable the GEOstrip Program. A dongle will be provided with each License Purchased.

Daily Rental Option with Rental Service Agreement:*

*This option is intended for Company's not single users. A minimum number of licenses are required to qualify for the Rental Service Agreement. Check with GRS Inc. for details. If you do not qualify for Rental Service Agreement you will have to Purchase your GEOstrip License.

$5/day for either the GEOstrip VC StriplogTM or GEOstrip Hz StriplogTM.

GRS Inc. requires a Rental Services Agreement form to be filled out. GRS will provide Companies with a minimum 30 days Payable terms along with Weekly and End Month License Activity Reports to assist in License Monitoring and Invoicing.

When Renting GEOstrip SystemsTM you will always have the latest version of GEOstrip. You do not have any other costs.

When you are not using the GEOstrip you have NO COSTS. You pay only when you use the GEOstrip StriplogTM

GEOstrip SystemsTM Licenses are controlled thru a USB Security Dongle that needs to be inserted into your computers USB port to Fully Enable the GEOstrip Program. An additional Rental Mode is enabled in the dongle so the GEOstrip Rental License can be extended thru HELP in GEOstrips Top Taskbar.

Extend GEOstrip License

Then you can select which GEOstrip License (Vertical or Horizontal) to extend and by how many days.

Extend GEOstrip License

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GEOstrip Software Download

If you already have a version of GEOstrip SystemsTM  on your computer you will have to go to the Start button, select Control Panel, then select Add/Remove Programs and remove the previous version of GEOstrip SystemsTM  from your computer before downloading the new version.

When loading GEOstrip SystemsTM on your computer for the first time install the program completely before inserting the security dongle key into a USB port. Once GEOstrip and the dongle installer have ran, your computer will find the drivers for the dongle key once inserted.

1. Download GEOstrip SystemsTM Striplog Install Wizard from www.grsi.ca and save to your desktop.

GEOstrip SystemsTM Striplog will run on:

  • - Windows XP
  • - Windows 2000
  • - Windows Vista
  • - Windows 7
  • - Windows 8 / 8.1 (Requires 4.08 or newer)
  • - Windows 10 (Requires 4.08 or newer)

2. When you see the GEOstrip Setup Launcher on your desktop double click on it to launch.

3. InstallShield Wizard will check your computer settings before setup.

4. The Welcome to GEOstrip InstallShield Wizard will come up, click on Next.

5. Next the Destination Folder will come up where you want to save GEOstrip too. Click Next.

6. The Customer Information identification box will come up. Please fill in and click on Next.

7. The Ready to Install Program dialogue box will appear to confirm destination of GEOstrip, User name and Company. Click Next.

8. Then you should see the InstallShield Wizard Complete message come up. Click Finish.

9. Now you should see the GEOstrip SystemsTM Striplog Icon on your desktop. If so, your program has loaded successfully. Double click the icon to launch the GEOstrip SystemsTM program.

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Installing USB Dongle Driver

Hardware Install (USB Dongle)

  1. Insert USB Dongle supplied by GRS Inc.
  2. A Window pops up asking to search for drivers
  3. Select next and let window search for a driver.
  4. Once driver is found GEOstrip SystemsTM  Striplog is ready to use.

Hardware Problems (USB Dongle)

GEOstrip SystemsTM   Striplog is in view mode only.

  1. Shut down GEOstrip SystemsTM unplug USB key and plug back in after 5 seconds. Let windows initialize dongle then start GEOstrip SystemsTM.
  2. Go to Help > Check for Upgrades and Verify License > Over the Internet > Click update > Click X in top right corner when update is completed > then shut down GEOstrip Systems and restart.
  3. Ensure the software install was successful. If not, uninstall GEOstrip SystemsTM   Striplog software. (Go to the Start button, select Control Panel, then select Add/Remove Programs and remove the GEOstrip Systems TM  2.## from your computer.) Then continue steps to Software install.

When installed successfully and the dongle is inserted into a USB port, go to Help in the top taskbar of GEOstrip SystemsTM   Striplog  and select License Info. A box should appear and state Full Use Mode, the Dongle serial # and how many days left on the license.

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Try GEOstrip SystemsTM For Free

Please come by our shop or we can ship via Fed X a Dongle to you. When you insert the dongle into you computer and open up the GEOstrip SystemsTM software it will give you full enabled mode and you can use and test the software for 7 days to see if it suits your needs. GRS requires a $50 deposit on all trial dongles. This can be applied to purchase price at time of purchase or refunded if you return the dongle and do not purchase.

After your trial period, if you wish to purchase the software, the license can be extended without you even coming back to our shop. If you are interested then please give us a call to arrange a time to pickup your dongle.

Printing GEOstrip SystemsTM To A Printer:

You can print you striplog at any desired depth range, with Log headers and with a Legend for all your symbols. To print:

1. Select print on the taskbar. A print dialog box will appear.

2. Select which printer you want to print too.

3. Select if you want a blank page printed at the beginning or end of your striplog. This is a good option if you are printing off several logs back to back.

4. Select if you want the Log headers, legend and column header to print also.

5. Select if you want entire depth range or specify a smaller depth range.

6. Click on OK and the dialog box for which ever printer you select will open.

7. In you Printer Properties box select Banner Printing and whether you want Portrait of Landscape Orientation.

8. Ensure all your banner or log parameters are correct for your specific printer and we suggest doing a print preview before selecting print.

Some Printers do a better job printing using a Universal Driver rather than the driver that came with that printer. If you are having a Printing issue check with that Printer Manufacture’s website for optional Universal Drivers.

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Printing GEOstrip SystemsTM To A PDF Document:

GRS Inc. recommends using CutePDF Writer a Free Writer available at

Download CutePDF Writer Here

GRS has no issues ever with CutePDF Writer.
GRS has no issues with Acrobat Adobe Ver 5 and 6 but Version 7 has shown to be problematic.

If you do not presently have a PDF Writer then use the above link to download CutePDF for free.

To install Cute PDF Writer:

  1. Double-click the installation EXE file in Windows Explorer.
  2. Follow all the instructions in the dialog boxes that appear.

To create PDF files:

To use Cute PDF Writer, open the file that you would like to print to PDF. Select the Print option (usually found under File > Print), and select "Cute PDF Writer" from the list of available printers. You will be prompted to select the destination directory and filename for your output file.

Please note that some applications, such as Note Pad, will automatically print to your default printer when you select the Print option. If you want to create PDF file, you may need to change your printer selection within that application before printing the file. This can typically be done from Page Setup.

To uninstall Cute PDF Writer:

Activate the Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs, and double click on the Cute PDF Writer list box entry.


  1. On the Windows taskbar, click Start.
  2. Programs -> Cute PDF -> PDF Writer -> Uninstall Cute PDF Writer.

*If your OS is Windows 2000/XP/2003, please use an administrative account to install the application.

*CutePDF Writer supports Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

For CutePDF support please visit them at http://www.CutePDF.com.

To View PDF Format:

There many PDF readers, but the most common one is from Adobe and for a free download go to https://get.adobe.com/reader/

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GEOstrip SystemsTM Customer Support

24/7 Technical Assistance:

All GEOstrip SystemsTM Striplog software will be supported 24/7 for emergency assistance.

For routine questions please call during office hours or email questions to help@grsi.ca

GEOstrip SystemsTM User Manuals:

GEOstrip StriplogTM has complete User Manuals for each Vertical and Horizontal Striplogs that can be accessed under Help in the Top Taskbar of GEOstrip SystemsTM.

GEOstrip SystemsTM Tutorials:

GRS Inc. has recently added a Tutorial Link under Help of the Top Taskbar of GEOstrip SystemsTM. Click on this link and it will open up our Tutorial Library on our website. From here you can select which Tutorial you wish to view and click on it to play the step by step video of your selected feature.

GEOstrip SystemsTM Troubleshooting:

GRS Inc. has recently added a Troubleshooting Link under Help of the Top Taskbar of GEOstrip SystemsTM. Click on this link and it will open up our Troubleshooting Library on our website. From here you can get tips to try and solve your issue.

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