GEOstrip SystemsTM Striplog is one single program that contains the Vertical Striplog, the Mudlog, the Horizontal Striplog, the Core Log, the Drill Cuttings/Core Report and the Final Well Report Module. After download the program acts like a viewer until a licensed USB Dongle is detected in the computers USB port.

Please download and fully install GEOstrip SystemsTM BEFORE inserting the USB Dongle. The dongle when inserted for the first time will search for a driver that is located in GEOstrip SystemsTM. If the search wants to access the internet to locate the driver select yes, it will locate the driver in the program and not access the internet. The Install Wizard is approximately 20Mb and the program will take up 34Mb of hard drive space.

If you already have a previous version of GEOstrip SystemsTM on your computer you will have to remove the program thru Start/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs before installing the new version.

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Download Latest Version:

Download Ver. 4.08.15 GEOStrip SystemsTM

Supports Windows 10

Read this if you were using a Custom Abbreviations Library.

Get this file if the AER has refused your LAS files for mnemonic spacing.

LAS tips for new LAS regulations.

Download Previous Versions:

Download GEOstrip Hotfix

Due to Network changes, the following file is required for license verification of GEOStrip version 4.07 and prior. Install the Hotfix only after you have installed the version of GEOStrip you are licensed for. Download Hotfix

Download Version 4.07 GEOStrip SystemsTM Download Version 4.05 GEOStrip SystemsTM

If you already have a version of GEOstrip SystemsTM on your computer you will have to go to the Start button, select Control Panel, then select Add/Remove Programs and remove the previous version of GEOstrip SystemsTM from your computer before downloading the new version.